We invite you to legendary AZS Student Camp Wilkasy!

On behalf of AZS Warszawa and our own we invite you to 8 days (and nights) of fun, sport, recreation, leisure, new contacts and friendships till the end of you life in other words- legendary camp at Wilkasy. We start at 3 rd of September and will have fun for 8 days at AZS center on Mazuria lake district in Wilkasy near Gizycko. It is a perfect place for experienced AZS’ members as well as new students who want to jump-start their university adventure!

Plan is simply: SPORT all day! PARTY all night! CAMP all week
Detailed information and enrollment you can find on website: www.azs.waw.pl/studentcamp/

For 1 sr -year students it is a possibility to pass PE before 1 st of October!
To get detailed information please contact us by mail (zarzad@azssgh.pl) or by facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/azssgh/ 🙂

See you at Wilkasy!