The historical success of AZS SGH table tennis team!!!

In the final edition of University Polish Championships in Table Tennis, players
coached by Michał Sawecki – Jan Szymczyk, Jan Olek and Tomasz Dubniak – showed their best attitude as “Galacticos”. SGH team not only defended the championship title amongst
their type of universities category (social-natural schools) but also achieved historical 4 th place
in the general classification. Let’s go briefly through this event.
In the group stage Galacticos had to face three opponents. Two matches against University of
Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and University of Technology in Opole
confirmed the excellent condition and preparation for this tournament, as both of them SGH
team won without losing a single game.
The third competitor University of Technology in Rzeszów was considered as favorite of the
whole championships. Surprisingly “Galacticos” managed to defeat this strong and
experienced team losing only one game. It was a great battle with a lot of amazing exchanges,
which only proved the high level of the tournament.
Due to the tremendous attitude in the group stage SGH team avoided other favorite in the
quarter-final the Academy of Leon Koźmiński in Warsaw and faced University of Economy
(WSG) in Bydgoszcz instead. After a long fight with very inconvenient opponent Galacticos
won again losing only one game. With this victory the team advanced to the semi-final
attaining the historical success but remained even more hungry for following matches the next
The second day began with the encounter with State Vocational College (PWSZ) in Zamość.
The leader of the south-polish first league was very strong and did not have a sweat spot . The
match kept the audience in suspense until the last game. After four encounters the result was
2:2, because of two wins from Jan Szymczyk. In the final game Jan Olek unfortunately could
not find a way to beat the opponent Paweł Kozieł, who hardly made mistakes and lost 3:0.
After such a demanding tournament players were exhausted, however tried to do their best in
the third-place match. Unfortunately the lack of power and the great effort from University of
Technology in Gdańsk resulted in 3:0 loss and sealed the fourth place for SGH team.
Warsaw School of Economics was also the best university from Warsaw outrivaling even one
of the favorites for the victory ALK, which was defeated by University in Rzeszów. The same
University won the whole tournament winning 3:2 against Zamość in the final. Thereby SGH
was the only school to beat them!

Congratulations! We strongly believe that the biggest successes are yet to come!!