AZS SGH Day at Spado

16th of November we organized next edition of AZS SGH Day. To grab interest of every SGH’s student we prepared many attractions:

  • Golf lessons
  • tournament at table soccer and Air Hockey
  • Flying challenge (only for brave people)
  • Free fruits and fit drinks:)
  • Newest FIFA

What is more, our current and new member had a possibility to get/extend their ISIC AZS Member Card.

During AZS SGH Day I SGH Championsip at Pudzian’s Test took place. The clue of this competition was to make as much repeats of bench press with half of own body weight as possible. The winner was Mateusz Matyszczyk (79 repeats), only one less – 78 repeats did Maciej Bembenek who was the second one. Jakub Karaś took third place with 70 repeats.

More photos from this day you can find at our facebook:

Fot. Wojciech Aleksander Flak
Grafiphs author: Julia Wiśniewska