Academic Championship of Warsaw and Masovian Voivodeship in sailing – double gold and bronze for AZS SGH!

Another success of our Sailors! Representation of the AZS SGH is insurmountable! We have double gold and bronze!
Our helmsman Maksymilian Jabłecki with the crew Katarzyna Trautman and Filip Nurkowski at the Omega POL 252 Mastercard won all races, winning the title of the Academic Champion of Warsaw and Mazovia 2017/2018.

The second squad: Maciej Nowara with the crew Daria Franczak and Kuba Niekowal at
Omega POL178 took third place on the podium. Both crews won also the title of Team Champions of Warsaw and Masovia 2017/2018 in sailing!



Photo: Daniel Janiak, own archive